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Bracher - Flury Andrea, BCST, ED KT Bern

Bracher - Flury Andrea, BCST, ED KT Winterthur

Furrer Ursula, BCST, ED KT Biel

Gemin Kavi A., BCST Bremgarten

Hallauer Elsbeth, BCST Sissach

Holliger Heinz Agàta, BCST, ED KT Astano

Holliger Heinz Agàta, BCST, ED KT Ponte Tresa

Lotter Fanny, BCST, ED KT Ettingen

Lotter Fanny, BCST, ED KT Basel

Nyffenegger Denise, BCST, ED KT Bern

Peter Waltraud Madeleine, BCST Möriken

Peter Waltraud Madeleine, BCST Aarau

Pregler-Reitmeier Satyo Ilona, BCST Worb

Reh Christine, BCST Zürich

Russi Adrian, BCST Steffisburg

Tschumi Bhadrena C., BCST, ED KT Bremgarten

Agosti Nicole, BCST Sempach Station

Anliker Katrin Sophie, BCST, BZ KT Zürich

Baccile Antonietta, BCST Belp

Baccile Antonietta, BCST Bern

Baumgartner Franziska, BCST, ED KT Bern

Benz Arthur, BCST, BZ KT Ebertswil

Bergner Karoline, BCST Weggis

Borle Beatrice, BCST, ED KT Burgdorf

Borle Beatrice, BCST, ED KT Burgdorf

Bregy Karin, BCST Steg

Bregy Karin, BCST Sierre

Brunner Parna Béatrice, BCST Winterthur

Brunner Sandra, BCST, BZ KT Allmendingen bei Thun

Christen Elisabeth, BCST Hünibach

Clifford Annina, BCST Oberwil / ZG

Cotti Fiorella, BCST Thalwil

Cotti Fiorella, BCST Thalwil

Czernutzky Anja, BCST, BZ KT Basel

Dafflon Sameena Barbara, BCST Oberwil ZG

Disterheft Denise, BCST, BZ KT Köniz

Eggo Judith, BCST Donat

Eisele Mark St. Margrethen

Ernst Veronika, BCST Aarau

Föhn Oswald, BCST, BZ KT Zug

Friedli Julia, BCST, ED KT Bern

Friedrich Melanie, BCST, BZ KT Fislisbach

Grieder Franzisca, ED KT Muttenz

Haener Regina, BCST, BZ KT Bern

Hauri Andreas, BCST, BZ KT Hünibach

Inäbnit-Steiner Franziska, BCST, BZ KT Grindelwald

International Institute for Craniosacral Bala , BCST Bremgarten

Istoková Zuzana Zermatt

Jäger Tara Andrea, BCST, ED KT Herrliberg

Jäger Tara Andrea, BCST, ED KT Zürich

Joder Maron Fabia, BCST, BZ KT Täuffelen

Keller Andrea, BCST, ED KT Thun

Kirchhoff Helena, BCST Zürich

Knöchelmann Winfried, BCST, BZ KT Muttenz

Kühne Ursula, BCST Vasön

Lalla Simone, BCST Bern

Louw-Prevost Martina, BCST, BZ KT Galgenen

Mätzener Andrea, BCST Bern

Mätzener Barbara, BCST, BZ KT Rikon

Meier Elisabeth Burgdorf

Michel Noele, BCST, BZ KT Wichtrach

Mulla Kara Ruth Lommiswil

Nussbaum Irene Wangen

Nydegger Judith, BCST Plaffeien

Olujic Andrea, BCST Spiegel b.Bern

Piaz-Schraner Geraldine, BCST, BZ KT Lüsslingen

Piaz-Schraner Geraldine, BCST, BZ KT Solothurn

Renz Mechthild, BCST Arlesheim

Rossetti Nritya Katia, BCST Polleggio

Rüegg Andrea, BCST Buchrain

Schäfer Antonietta, BCST, BZ KT Bern

Scherrer Cordula, BCST Sisseln

Scheurer Steffen Christina, BCST, BZ KT Biel-Bienne

Scheurer Steffen Christina, BCST, BZ KT Täuffelen

Schmitter Toni, BCST Stansstad

Schmitter Pascale, BCST, BZ KT Thun

Schmitter Pascale, BCST, BZ KT Rubigen

Schnidrig-Petrig Claudine, BCST, BZ KT Bern

Schreier Christine, BCST Solothurn

Stetter Sabine, BCST, BZ KT Nennikofen

Stoll-Meyer Monika, BCST Schwarzenburg

Stoop Anita, BCST Grünenmatt

Stucki Doris, BCST, ED KT Bellmund

Studer Daniela, BCST, ED KT Ostermundigen

Ulrich Angela, BCST, BZ KT Mamishaus

Vallmark Marina, BCST, ED KT Burgdorf

von Arx Alexandra, BCST, ED KT Bern

Wälti Marie Theres, BCST, BZ KT Sarnen

Waser Agnes, ED KT Seewen

Waser Agnes, ED KT Seewen

Werlen Karin, BCST Visp

Wilson Nici Vimala, BCST, BZ KT Pully

Wittwer Manuela, BZ KT Bern

Wüthrich Marc, BCST, ED KT Rheinfelden

Wüthrich Sara Biel

Wyssbrod Ammon Liselotte, BCST Münsingen

Zemp Pushpa Edith, BCST Zug

Zimmermann Karin, BCST Sarnen

Zuber Nicole, BCST, BZ KT Solothurn

ICSB offers a comprehensive training, which completes with an international diploma.

This means that the here published practitioners have been trained with all necessary care and have been examined and tested to receive their diploma.

At the same time different individual manifestations of craniosacral therapy exists and it is a personal choice of each practitioner how to practice.

The ICSB therefore does not take any responsibility for the treatments given by the here listed practitioners. Each therapist is liable for his/her own work.

The conditions to work legally are different in different countries. Each person listed on this directory takes full responsibility to adhere to the law.

The contact information listed in this directory is to be used solely for professional referrals and is not to be used for marketing, solicitation, or other commercial purposes.




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